About Us

Ocean Service is a leader in manufacturing and distribution of products for professional cleaning and hygiene.

Along with industrial cleaning and laundry products, we supply our customers with innovative dosing systems for proper dilution and dispensing.


The products offered by Ocean Service are characterized by high quality, already achieved by applying modern production technology and continuous research of consumer needs.


Wide product range and variety of cuts enable us to cover all the needs of cleaners , detergents and disinfectants to our customers.


Attached to the “product list” cleaners have rich technical information giving comprehensive information on each item.


We are pleased to answer any questions about our products.

Who we are?

We are innovative

The company has its own research center where develops different types of “Systems for remote monitoring and control”. Using innovative solutions for remote management of dosing systems used by us, led to a significant increase in the volume of sold production in recent years.

We are meticulous

Sales consultants Ocean Service provide current and comprehensive information about our products and devote significant time resources in training staff of our clients on best practices in cleaning in order to achieve best performance and efficiency. Meeting the needs of our customers and providing quality service form the basis of our relationship with our trading partners.

We succeed

For years Ocean Service works on foreign markets, successfully implementing its technology solutions and increasing market share of offered by the company industrial chemicals and dosing systems.

We develop

Ocean Service offers a wide assortment of items for cleaning. The assortment range includes about 50 industrial products for cleaning hotels, restaurants, office buildings and industrial sites. We pay particular attention to preparations for laundries and dishwashers.